Venture Capital



Investors recognize the benefits of strategic investing but much lack the ability to source and respond quickly to complex opportunities in a rapidly changing market environment. Longobardi Capital Partners executes relentlessly for our clients.

We invest in everything from start-ups, to real assets and equity securities to un-securitized streams of cash flows. Our activity set ranges from seeking high IRR, short duration investments to long duration, compounding investments targeting high multiples of invested capital. Many of our investments have high current yields while others offer substantial capital gain potential. We focus on deep value opportunities with embedded opportunities that are difficult to execute.

Sourcing, executing and capitalizing on the right investment opportunities on a timely basis takes a special combination of people and expertise. We believe that few other alternative managers, if any, possess the experience and breadth of The Longobardi Group investment platform.

Longobardi Capital Partners harnesses this significant competitive advantage by leveraging the deep synergies that exist across Longobardi’s leading alternative asset management businesses – private equity, real estate, capital funds – to source, execute and capitalize on investment opportunities that others cannot.



In today’s world there are disruptive advances in healthcare and technology in high-growth emerging organizations, education, governments and privates sectors. The Longobardi Group will facilitate upward mobility of newly organized venture capital and private equity backed firms while being sensitive to the current cost conscious climate with medical and insurance concerns in healthcare.

The Longobardi Group has the perspective and ability to act in a nimble, decisive manner to facilitate the desired outcome of inventors and clients alike. This allows us to assess and synthesize a broad range of market information into actionable investment ideas.  Our approach allows investors greater control as to when, where and how their capital is invested.